Hope Point Church
February 11, 2024


February 11, 2024


Revelation 21:6-8

Take-Home Truth: True faith thirsts for the will of God.


Christ-Connection: We are washed, sanctified, and justified through the finished work of Christ.




  1. How were you able this past week to participate in the work of Christ in the world and how did He work in your own life?


Engage: (Observe the passage and engage with the text)


  1. Read Revelation 21:6-8. What were the 3 points that Richard brought out of this passage?


Reflect: (Reflect upon the key take-aways from the sermon)

  1. Why is thirsting required to be saved? How is thirsting for Christ different than trusting your works for salvation? (see John 7:37-39, Romans 3:28)


  1. Read Romans 8:36-37. As believers, we are in a daily battle. What are some ways you can identify with those daily battles?


  1. How can thirsting after Christ lead you to victory in these daily battles? (Revelation 21:7 & 1 Corinthians 6:11).


Respond: (Apply the truths of God’s Word to your heart, affections, and actions)


  1. Read Revelation 21:8. Richard said, “You can’t live with the values of hell and expect to live forever in heaven.” In what ways do you see this being played out in the world around you? How can you protect yourself from these behaviors?


  1. If Jesus was asked about your faith, would He say you’re thirsting after Him? What are some ways you can have a greater thirst for Him?






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