Hope Point Church
March 31, 2024


March 31, 2024

Easter Sunday Sermon Discussion Questions

NOTICE: The emphasis of our discussion is to see how the Written Word (Bible) and the Spoken Word (Preaching) work together to build up the believer, so when you see WORD in the questions, know it refers to the Scripture and the Sermon.

  1. Read Revelation 22:12-21 and point out anything significant that stands out in the text.

  2. Create one clear and concise statement to be the take home truth of Sunday’s message.

  3. What did the WORD reveal about the character of God? Also, consider looking at Isaiah 44:6-8.

  4. What did the WORD expose about the state of mankind? Also, consider looking at Isaiah 55:1-2.

  5. Scripture is clear that God is responsible for cleansing people of their sins, and yet the text blesses people “who wash their robes.” Discuss the tension and use other verses that come to mind.

  6. What areas of your life need to change this week in light of the WORD?

  7. How does the WORD lead you to live on mission? Be practical and specific.

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