This Week's Note
The Returning King
December 3, 2023

“The Returning King” Revelation 19 Take-Home Truth: You cannot know Jesus unless you know Him as a sacrificial lamb and a warring king. Christ-Connection: Christ is gloriously good. But, if the world rejects Him, they are spitting in the face of the world’s most powerful judge and will be condemned …

Four Hallelujahs
November 26, 2023

Four Hallelujah’s Revelation 19:1-9   Recap:  What changes this past week did you make in the treatment of others to show you are valuing people above possessions?(MULTILINE) Take Home Truth:  God will impose a final and permanent judgement on evil; He will gather all those who follow Him for a …

When Kings and Merchants Weep
November 19, 2023

“When Kings and Merchants Weep” Revelation 18 Take-Home Truth:  The world’s view of possessions is in sharp contrast to what God wants for us as believers. Christ-Connection: Jesus has absorbed God’s wrath for the sins of those who believe in Him. Recap: (Talk about last week)  The title of last wee …