This Week's Note
We will Shine with God’s Glory
February 18, 2024

We will shine with God’s Glory Revelation 21:9-27 Take Home Truth: We are flawed people being changed by the Glory of God. Christ-Connection: Because of Christ’s sacrifice, we can become God’s treasured possession. Recap: What are some ways you applied your thirst for Christ last week?(MULTILINE) En …

February 11, 2024

New Revelation 21:6-8 Take-Home Truth: True faith thirsts for the will of God.   Christ-Connection: We are washed, sanctified, and justified through the finished work of Christ.   Recap:   How were you able this past week to participate in the work of Christ in the world and how did He wor …

It is Finished. It is Done.
February 4, 2024

“It Is Finished. It Is Done.” Revelation 21:1-6 Take-Home Truth: God’s work is finished; our work is not. Christ-Connection: Jesus drank all of the cup of God’s wrath so we could drink of the cup of God’s goodness. Recap: (Talk about last week) 1. Discuss the ways you “wrote it down” to remind yours …