Hope Point Church
Four Hallelujahs
November 26, 2023

Four Hallelujahs

November 26, 2023

Four Hallelujah’s

Revelation 19:1-9



  1. What changes this past week did you make in the treatment of others to show you are valuing people above possessions?

Take Home Truth:  God will impose a final and permanent judgement on evil; He will gather all those who follow Him for an eternal wedding banquet.

Christ-Connection: Jesus died the death I should have died so I could live forever joyfully by God’s side. 


  1. Read Revelation 19:1-9. Discuss the Four Hallelujah’s and how they provide hope for the church today. How do you see God’s sovereignty in this passage?


  1. Discuss the evils that we see in our society as depicted by the harlot throughout Revelation. How do we justify the rejoicing of Rev. 18:20 and Rev. 19:3?

  2. Read 1 Peter 3:18 – How is that any of us escape the judgment of God?


  1. Richard said that there is no greater title in the world than “servant of God” in reference to Rev. 19:4-5. ­How can we align our view with the scripture’s view on being a bond servant both small and great?


  1. Read Rev. 19:6-8, Isaiah 61:10 and Luke 15:22 – What does it take to be clothed in the fine linen? Why is it important to be clothed with Christ robe of righteousness?


  1. Men and Women view a wedding in different ways. In light of Rev. 19:9 – How do we anticipate being the Bride of Christ?

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