Hope Point Church
Faithful Endurance
February 26, 2023

Faithful Endurance

February 26, 2023

“Faithful Endurance”

Hebrews 12:1-2

Take-Home Truth: It requires faithful endurance to make it home and experience joy.

Christ-Connection: The race we run is difficult, and Jesus is the One who finished the race and perfects our faith.

Hook: (Ice-breaker question. Get the group talking!)

  1. Describe a difficult time when you endured.

Engage: (Observe the passage and engage with the text)

  1. Read the passage and share with the group words or phrases that trigger memories or have special meaning to you?

Reflect: (Reflect upon the key take-aways from the sermon)

  1. Dan shared that the origin of the word “race” is “agony”; how does knowing this shape your thinking?


  1. The cloud of witnesses are deeply flawed people showing deeply flawed people that they can run the race. Talk about how this encourages you.

Respond: (Apply the truths of God’s Word to your heart, affections, and actions)


  1. Describe how “sins” and “weights” have hindered or are hindering your race?


  1. How does running your race affect others (family, friends, coworkers, etc.)?
    1. Discuss how fixing your eyes on Jesus’ example impacts your endurance.

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