Hope Point Church
November 27, 2022


November 27, 2022


Philippians 4:4-7


Take-Home Truth: In Christ, we can rejoice through gritted teeth and trembling hands.

Christ-Connection: We can take joy in Christ’s work; past present, and future.

Hook: (Ice-breaker question. Get the group talking!)


  1. Share about a time you were encouraged or able to rejoice through a challenging circumstance.

Engage: (Observe the passage and engage with the text)


  1. Read Philippians 4:4-7. As you read these verses, identify words or phrases that call the church to be a:

    1. Rejoicing people (v. 4)
    2. Gentle people (v. 5)
    3. Prayerful people (v. 6-7)

 Reflect: (Reflect upon the key take-aways from the sermon)


  1. How do believers rejoice “in the Lord”? How does rejoicing guard believers from despairing in difficult circumstances?


  1. How does rejoicing in the Lord produce a gentle people? In light of the “nearness of God” why must the church aspire to be gentle toward all people?

  1. Dan said “if we can lay our grief and grievances before God, we can be gentle toward others”. How do we tend to get this backward? What is the impact?


Respond: (Apply the truths of God’s Word to your heart, affections, and actions)


  1. Read vs 6-7 How does God address the anxious soul in this passage? What are some practical ways to find the peace of God this week?

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