Hope Point Church
The Logo Sermon
January 9, 2022

The Logo Sermon

January 9, 2022 / Richard Smith

The Logo Sermon 

1 Corinthians 10:31 


Take-Home Truth: Worshipping God, Obeying Jesus, and Witnessing to the world should be the preoccupation of the Christ follower. 

Christ-Connection: Because Jesus completed the work God gave Him to do (John 17:4), He is worthy to be praised and followed. 

Hook:  (Ice-breaker question. Get the group talking!) 

  1. Tell us about a time that you got lost. (Briefly describe what happened.) Who or what did you follow to arrive safely at your destination? 

Engage:  (Observe the passage and engage with the text) 

  1. As a group, read 1 Corinthians 10:31 and Romans 1:21. Discuss and unpack these verses together. 

  1. What are specific areas in life (big or small) where you are full of gratitude? What do you take for granted? Where do you struggle with ungratefulness? 

Reflect and Respond:  (Reflect upon the key take-aways from the sermon and apply the truths of God’s Word to your heart, affections, and actions.)

  1. Pastor Richard asked, “What are you reading in the Word of God or seeing in the work of God that is causing your heart to praise Him with increasing joy?” 

  1. He continued, “How is Christ leading you to obey Him? In what areas have you seen the power of Jesus give you victory where you were once defeated? What area is He challenging you to release to His control?”

  1. And finally, “In what areas of ministry and service is the Holy Spirit leading you to help someone experience God? How is the Holy Spirit leading you to more boldly help others consider their relationship with God and place their faith in Christ?”

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