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God’s Kingdom is More than Legos
December 5, 2021

God’s Kingdom is More than Legos

December 5, 2021 / Richard Smith

God’s Kingdom is More Than Legos

Matthew 1:1-17


Take-Home Truth: The genealogy of Jesus Christ shows the unstoppable power and unrelenting kindness of God in human history. 

Christ-Connection: Jesus Christ is the long-awaited Messiah from the family line of Abraham and David. 

Reflect:(Go deeper in the Word and in our world)


  1. At first glance, it may look boring, but in the opening 16 verses, Matthew goes to great lengths to map out the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Why did he do this? What is he trying to prove to his original audience? Why is this significant for us today in the 21st century church?


  1. Richard outlined five of God’s “Kingdom Building Principles” that are seen throughout the pages of Scripture. Think of a story in your own life where you have personally experienced one of these principles. Take a few minutes with your group to share, listen, and reflect. 
  • His kingdom is mysterious and complex.
  • His methods are slow according to human measurement. 
  • His plans cannot be stopped by human weakness and failure.
  • He opens His doors to those who do not deserve it.
  • His redemptive plan values the role of women. 

Respond: (Live out God’s truth with new affections, mindset, and actions)


  1. The genealogy of Jesus Christ is messy and full of corrupt individuals. Yet, God’s plan for redemptive history was not thwarted as he used broken people to accomplish His divine purposes. How does this reality showcase the mystery, majesty and kindness of God towards wayward sinners? 

  1. Richard stated, “Jesus is a King who invites enemies to become friends and welcomes strangers into the family.” Thinking of Christ as our chief example, how can you grow in your love towards the enemies, outcasts, and strangers in your own life?

Resolve: What is the one thing you are committing to do this week?

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