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A Theology of Rest
November 28, 2021

A Theology of Rest

November 28, 2021 / Dan Yacoviello

A Theology of Rest

How the soul finds rest in Christ  

Matthew 11:28-30


Take-Home Truth: With the advent of Christ came the advent of rest. 

Christ-Connection: Behind your need for rest lies your need for Christ. 


Reflect:(Go deeper in the Word and in our world)


  1. As a group, read Matthew 11:28-30. What stands out to you most from this text? 


  1. How does the life of others around me reveal their pursuit of rest? How does my life reveal where my pursuit of rest is? 


  1. We’re all prone to become weary under the burden of the Law, the burden of sin, and the burden of affliction. Where do I most recognize my need for rest in Christ? Why?


Respond: (Live out God’s truth with new affections, mindset, and actions)


  1. Everyone is yoked to something. Yoking yourself to Christ is submitting to him as Lord. Where have I thrown off Christ’s yoke and put on another?


  1. Jesus invites us to come to him and learn from him, for he is gentle and lowly in heart. What’s keeping you from finding the rest that Jesus offers?  


Resolve: What is the one thing you are committing to do this week? Who in your life needs to know about the rest Jesus offers?

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