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Pray Like Moses
November 7, 2021

Pray Like Moses

November 7, 2021 / Richard Smith

Pray Like Moses

Exodus 33:12-14


Take-Home Truth: Prayer reveals and changes the heart of a believer.

Reflect: (Go deeper in the Word and in our world)

  1. Last week you resolved to respond in a specific way? How did that go?
  2. Read Exodus 33:12-14 together as a group. What is one key take away from this passage that connected with your mind and heart? 
  3. Richard defined prayer as “a conversation between two people who love each other.” Do you think of prayer in these terms? If not, how does this definition reorient your understanding of prayer? 


Respond: (Live out God’s truth from the inside out)

  1. Does praying in the face of fear come naturally to you? Why or why not? 

  1. Richard stated, “How you pray when all your resources are gone reveals who you love and what you trust.” Who do you love and what do you trust?

  1. Read John 1:17 together. How are Moses and Jesus similar? How are they different? Why does this actually matter? 

Resolve: What is the one thing you are committing to do this week?

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