Hope Point Church
September 5, 2021


September 5, 2021 / Richard Smith


Ephesians 5:11-14

Take-Home Truth: Christ-followers expose darkness in our own lives and in our community by speaking the gospel and inviting repentance.

Christ-Connection: The light of Christ exposes darkness in the world and in the church.

Reflect: (Go deeper in the Word and in our world)

  1. We learned a few reasons why we don’t obey Ephesians 5—to expose the darkness:
    • We may not understand how dark the darkness is.
    • We may love comfort more than God.
    • We have lost confidence in the sufficiency of Scripture.
    • We have lost confidence in the power of the gospel.

What reason did you identify with the most? Why?

  1. We tend to “prefer comfort over God and fear suffering more than sin.” What personal sins should you fear more?

Respond: (Live out God’s truth with new affections, mindset, and actions)

  1. If we shouldn’t mention the deeds of darkness (v12), we shouldn’t laugh with them either. Where are you tempted to laugh with the deeds of darkness? What deeds of darkness do you mention in unhealthy ways?
  2. What do you need to do to move from remaining silent about the deeds of darkness to exposing them?
  3. How will you be certain to expose the darkness with fullness of grace and truth like Jesus himself?

Resolve: What is the one thing you are committing to do this week?


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